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Emilio Sauma Jr. was born in Havana, Cuba

Sauma’s use of the bold line technique allows for the expression of his Cuban-American experience. He has been featured in numerous publications and magazines.

Sauma’s commitment to philanthropy remains strong. He has received numerous awards for his many charitable contributions and dedication to raising awareness of the arts.

Sauma Biography

Iconic Works

This is an example of the masterpieces Sauma the Artist continues to create throughout his career.

“El Rapto Pt. 1”
“El Rapto Pt. 2”
Sauma Rapto-2
“El Regreso Pt.3”
“El Rapto Pt. 4”
Sauma Rapto-3


  • Venue Magazine
Venue Magazine

The colors and unique style of Sauma the Artist’s art work at Dr. Luis Alvarez’s apartment in Miami Beach.

  • Opulance
Opulance Magazine
  • La Cohoba, Magazine
  • SW The Magazine
SW magazine
  • Coluse Magazine
  • Gables Living Magazine


Emilio Sauma receives the generosity award from Baptist Health South Florida Foundation for this continuous support of Woman’s Breast Cancer Awarenas trought his art work.

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